Insured & Licensed Drivers

Only qualified, FMCSA compliant carriers are allowed to transport loads for Fifth Wheel Freight, LLC. Never compete with unauthorized carriers and bottom-dollar rates again.

24/7 Support

Whether you are delayed by weather, stuck in line at receiving, or cannot reach your shipping contact, FWF has 24/7 support to assist all of your needs.

Check In, Check Out

Use FWF’s TMS system to provide updates on your progress, whether you are en route to the pickup location or unloading at the consignee.

Easy Booking

Find a shipment, submit your rate, and get moving.


We work closely with TransCredit to ensure our days-to-pay and credit remains an industry-best. Get paid on time, every time.

Secure more Loads. Generate more Revenue.

We understand that carriers desire more time hauling and less time with back-office busy work. Joining the FWF carrier network ensures you a streamlined back-office with consolidated billing, allowing you to secure more loads and generate more revenue.

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